Discover Your Town’s Treasures With a Rutherglen Winery Tour

There are many hidden gems in every town. Don’t be kept in the dark about them. Why not consider treating yourself to a Rutherglen winery tours from Lil Tipsy Tours?

We not only know about the finest wines in the area but the historical places where they are born. In business for over 15 years, our knowledge of the wine industry, plus our solid background in tourism, enables us to deliver you an experience of a lifetime. Especially if you’re a wine lover, you can’t miss out on our wine tours in Rutherglen.

Each of our Rutherglen winery tours accommodates groups of one to 11 people. At one affordable price, you get everything, such as local knowledge of historic wineries in the area, including meeting winemakers, sampling local food and wine, visiting unique boutiques, restaurants, venues, and attractions.

As you make new friends, discover new interests and tastes, you’ll do so in comfort since our tour bus includes AC, seatbelts, a sound system, large fridge, soft upholstered seating, tinted windows, LED lighting and more.

With our Rutherglen winery tours, you’ll appreciate the individualised attention you’ll receive. Each tour focuses on the group of the day, offering an itinerary that’s unique to their interests. So if you love discovering the shops where you can find the most exquisite wines, that will be the focus. Alternatively, if restaurants and entertainment that pair well with day trips to popular vineyards are your preference, we’ll make that happen.

The possibilities are endless to what you can find and experience. Contact us today to uncover something beautiful while making friends along the way.