Wine Tasting Room Etiquette and Booking a Winery Bus Tour with Lil Tipsy Tours in Rutherglen

For people who have spent years living in wine country, visiting wineries, and tasting to their hearts’ content, wine tastings are second nature. However, the tasting experience remains foreign to many people, who may avoid it for fear of making an etiquette mistake or looking uninformed. Don’t worry – even beginners can book a fun and exciting winery tour in Rutherglen and enjoy themselves just as much as the seasoned pros. Here are some tips to help you feel at home.

Don’t wear fragrance

Leave the perfumes and colognes at home when you take Rutherglen winery tours. A noticeable aroma can affect and even ruin the tasting experience for anyone close enough to you to smell it. Instead, use unscented cosmetics and show up clean but fragrance-free.

Stay open-minded

Perhaps you’ve never tasted a white wine you enjoyed but go ahead and taste what you’re offered during Rutherglen wine tours. Wines vary so much in taste so that you might surprise yourself. If you don’t like it, you can always spit it out – and know you’ve learned a little more about what you do and don’t enjoy.

Don’t pretend to know more than you do

There’s no need to fake wine knowledge – in fact, doing so is a sure way to guarantee that you’ll miss out on exciting information and build on what you do know. Try to listen more and talk less, and you’ll almost certainly leave more educated about wine than you were when you arrived – one of the perks of taking wine tours in Rutherglen.

Moderate your intake

One of the advantages of taking a guided tour is that you don’t have to worry about who’s going to drive – but that doesn’t mean you should go overboard. Feel free to swallow the wines you like but don’t become intoxicated. If you do, you run the risk of ruining your experience as well as the experiences of those around you. Feel free to spit, especially if you’re visiting several tasting rooms, and even pour out a glass of wine or two if you’ve had enough.

Purchase wine you like

Some wineries have tasting fees on their tours – we don’t! We believe that wine tours should be pleasurable, straight forward and all about you and the wine! If a wine tickles your tongue, why not take a bottle or two home with you – it supports local wineries and gives you a fun memento to enjoy later on.

Book winery bus tours in Rutherglen with Lil Tipsy Tours

At Lil Tipsy Tours, we provide fun, exciting wine tours in Rutherglen for groups of one to 11. We have extensive experience in the region and in-depth knowledge of local wines, history, people, and places, and we love educating and relaxing with our guests. This isn’t your average stuffy limo tour – we know how to have a blast and deliver a memorable experience you and your friends will love. Visit historic wine regions with us and meet the winemakers; learn about winemaking, food pairing, and more in a casual, fun environment with like-minded travel companions. Contact Lil Tipsy Tours today to reserve your spot.